Tattoo Removal

Detroit Aesthetics Company is proud to offer laser tattoo removal for our clients. Utilizing the Quanta Evo Q-Plus C laser, we offer permanent results that can remove tattoos, permanent makeup, unwanted skin pigmentation and, more.

Detroit Aesthetics utilizes four key components when treating our patients for tattoo removal:

  • The best technology using the Quanta Evo Q-Plus C laser
  • Extensively trained staff who are continuously undergoing continuing education in the aesthetics field,
  • Our beautiful clean and private beauty clinic setting
  • The Kirby-Desai Scale — an evidence-based approach to analyze a tattoo to develop your individualized treatment plan

Our top priority is your skin integrity!


Detroit Aesthetics Company is confident with our ability to provide our patients the best tattoo removal experience possible. With all tattoo removal packages, we are pleased to offer our “Detroit Aesthetics Ink Free Guarantee”. Here’s how it works: During your complimentary consultation, one of our skincare professionals will evaluate your tattoo using the Kriby-Desai scale to determine how many treatments will be required for the removal of your tattoo. There are many factors that affect this number including skin tone, ink colors, tattoo location, the density of the ink, if any previous scarring, and a number of other instances that can influence your estimate.

At that time, a package covering the recommended number of treatments will be offered to remove your tattoo. There are some cases where we may determine that a patient is not a good candidate for tattoo removal. If that is the case we will notify the patient at the time of the consultation. If you choose to purchase a package at your consultation you: receive a discount on your package good that day only, and you will receive the “Detroit Aesthetics Ink Free Guarantee”.

If your tattoo takes fewer treatments to remove than we initially estimated at your consultation, we will refund your money for the unnecessary treatments. Additionally, if you complete all the estimated treatments and there is any residual ink still visible from your tattoo, we will continue to treat you free of charge for a period of 1 year every 8 to 10 weeks after your last paid treatment.

Free laser tattoo removal treatments will be administered according to our medical procedures and protocols. The human body and the quality of ink play an important role in how quickly tattoos are removed. Since we have no control over these two things, we never guarantee complete removal. However, client satisfaction is extremely important to us and we feel it’s only fair to stand behind our word and provide peace of mind. If your tattoo is still not gone after the series of free treatments (which is very unlikely), we work together to put in place a mutually fair and acceptable solution in moving forward. The “DETROIT AESTHETICS INK FREE GUARANTEE” is not valid with any other offers or promotional discounts. The “DETROIT AESTHETICS INK FREE GUARANTEE” is not valid for clients who wish to have tattoo lightening/lifting done.


Laser tattoo removal works by passing short pulses of laser wavelengths harmlessly through the top layers of skin and concentrated on certain areas of the tattoo. These wavelengths are selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment, and fragmented into smaller particles that are easily removed by the body’s natural immune system overtime.

There’s been a great amount of research conducted to determine which wavelengths of light to use and how to deliver the laser’s optimal output to best remove tattoo ink of different colors.

At Detroit Aesthetics, we put this research to practice every day and operate the most advanced laser technology available for tattoo removal.

Dedicated to delivering the best results with minimal side effects, we are proud to operate the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology. Quanta is known as the producer of the “Gold Standard” in laser tattoo removal, The Quanta Evo Q-Plus C laser is the only FDA approved machine that uses three true wavelengths specifically designed to target a full spectrum of tattoo color.

We decided to invest in the Evo Q-Plus C for a number of reasons. Most notable however, is the fact that it consistently outperforms pico and other q-switched lasers with less side effects. Unlike pico and older q-switched laser technologies, the Q-Plus C laser is the only laser on the market that offers three true wavelengths to safely and efficiently remove tattoos of all colors.

Wavelengths in the Evo Q-Plus C

    • 1064: Targets black pigment, which resides deepest in the skin and easiest to remove.
    • 532: This wavelength hits red/orange, which is the most shallow in the skin.
    • 694: This wavelength targets blue and green colors, which are known to be some of the toughest to remove. However, with the 694 wavelength, these colors don’t stand a chance.

On all of our treatments we also use the Zimmer Cyro 6 skin cooling machine to help numb and dull any discomfort associated with tattoo removal prior and during the removal treatment.

Each of our tattoo removal patients will receive a personalized tattoo removal plan based on the Kirby-Desai scale. The Kirby-Desai scale is an evidence based tattoo removal assessment tool used to determine the number of treatments required for removal of your tattoo. You’ll get a very good estimate of how many treatments the process will take, and any potential challenges.

The number of treatments needed is very individualized and depends on a number of factors like:

      • Tattoo location, skin type, number of colors of ink, and age of tattoo
      • Desire for complete or partial removal (some clients want just a lightening/lifting of the tattoo so cover-up tattoos can be done)

Our tattoo removal process is done on a price per square inch. We offer very competitive pricing and offer the highest trained professions doing your treatment, using the industries BEST devise for tattoo removal.

We do offer exclusive package pricing that qualifies you for our “DETROIT AESTHETICS INK FREE GUARANTEE”.

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