PDO Thread Lift in Plymouth, MI

A PDO Thread Lift utilizes specialized threads made of polydioxanone to help lift, tighten and smooth skin. There are two types of PDO threads we utilize; lifting and smoothing threads. Our specialized lifting threads are artistically placed deep into the skin to produce an instant skin lift by “tacking” the skin tissues tighter performing an instant and non-surgical, minimally invasive lifting technique. The PDO component causes an increase in cellular skin renewal via neovascularization and collagen stimulation to improve circulation and healing with regeneration and increase in the components needed for antiaging results effectively improving fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture. In addition to our lifting threads, we utilize specialized smoothing threads.

The smoothing threads are artistically placed more superficially in the outermost layers of the skin and produce a smoothing effect on the skin’s surface by providing a foundation for new collagen production. This collagen production will provide anti-aging results for many months to come as collagen is an important component required for proper skin health and volume. Smoothing threads can also be used to help define the borders of areas of the face like the lips. Commonly these smoothing threads will be placed in a “hashtag” formation creating a mesh under the skin that can instantly provide improvement and smoothing to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by providing a lifting and filling effect. Threads will naturally dissolve through an organic process called hydrolysis after approximately four to six months. Collagen forms around the threads leaving the skin lifted. The lifted facial contours can remain for up to two years due to cellular skin and tissue rejuvenation effects. PDO threads have been used in medicine, like surgery, for years and are safe and effective when used by highly trained practitioners. Commonly PDO thread lifting is paired with dermal filler injections to first re-establish lost volume and then lift the skin.

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A PDO Thread Lift assists in lifting and tightening the skin. It helps renew the cells through collagen stimulation and neovascularization.

Commonly, the threads are placed in a “hashtag” formation that creates a mesh under the skin that improves the appearance of lines. The threads disappear through a process called hydrolysis after approximately six months. Once the threads disappear, collagen forms around the threads leaving the skin lifted.

PDO Threads have commonly been paired with dermal fillers to re-establish lost volume and lift the skin.

The process typically takes around 45 minutes.

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