LED Light Therapy in Plymouth, MI

Commonly used light emitting diode therapy (LED) incorporates a combination of different light wavelengths with a variety of health and beauty benefits. Without LED light facial system, we apply an LED light mask that is ideally suited to treat acne, redness/inflammation, and fight off the signs of aging like fine lines, and wrinkles. LED light therapy is safe for all skin tones and is unlike that of a tanning booth will NOT cause any burning! LED light therapy has been used for a wide variety of health benefits, like wound care and tissue healing. This application was taken one step further to harness the healing powers for anti-aging results. By applying the LED facial system, the light helps generate an increase in collagen production improving tissue health and clarity resulting in smoother skin with less wrinkles and smoother complexion eliminating areas of sun damage and sun spots.

With the power of red light and blue light, we can tailor the LED treatment to your exact needs. Red or infrared, light is great for the outermost layer of the skin to stimulate more collagen and elastin production to reveal a healthier, brighter complexion with a more even skin tone. The blue light is more suited for those with oil and acne-prone skin. The blue light works to stimulate the oil glands and is great for those with acne breakouts and scarring by decreased the sebaceous gland production and limiting your skin’s oil production. While decreasing the oil production deep in your skin, the blue light is also sterilizing and sanitizing by killing acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. LED light therapy is quick and effective, requiring typically 20-30 minutes and no need to “prep” the skin beforehand. This facial system is painless and requires no downtime allowing you to return immediately to your busy lifestyle! You’ll be provided goggles during your session to ensure the safety of your eyes while the LED light is on.


No! This light therapy is completely painless. Clients report feeling warmth causing a relaxing treatment! No burning is felt on the skin allowing immediate return to your busy lifestyle!

The beauty of LED light therapy is it’s versatility! It is safe and optimal to treat any and ALL skin types! Unlike a laser- LED light therapy does not pose the same risk to the darker complected clients that could potentially result in hyperpigmentation.

LED Light therapy is a gentle system that does not cause burning or require down time and can be used as frequently as 1 time per week and treatment frequency can be tailored to your needs and desires.

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