Kybella in Plymouth, MI

Kybella™ was one of the first FDA-approved treatments for your “double chin” (submental fullness). The first double chin eliminator proven to permanently break down and dissolve the fat cells under the chin commonly referred to as “submental fullness”. Double chins are a common condition that can occur due to aging, weight fluctuations, and possibly even genetics. For some individuals, no matter how much they diet or exercise, the double chin does not go away. Double chins often make people look “heavier” and older than their actual age. Kybella is an all-new, non-surgical, injectable that harnesses the power of a synthetic deoxycholic acid, which mimics a naturally occurring, and organic molecule effective in dissolving and permanently eliminating dietary fat molecules.

By injecting Kybella directly under the chin into the submental region, it jumpstarts the elimination of the fat cells under the chin and in the neck as if it was a substance organically produced by your own body! This simulation of naturally occurring acids decreases instances of adverse effects and significantly limits the risk of infection or poor results making this treatment favorable for nearly all clients! Kybella allows fat cells to burn and decrease while keeping other essential cells, muscles, and substances unharmed and all facial expressions and contours the same as before Kybella unlike other neuromodulators or medical spa injectables. Both men and women benefit greatly from the long-lasting effects of Kybella showing significant results within as little as two sessions. Maximal results are most typically seen with four to six sessions with proper healing time between injections to allow your body’s natural healing process to occur and results to progress. Once treated, the fat cells are gone with no ability to “plump” back up or fill back in because they are completely gone! This allows for a long-lasting effect as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained since Kybella cannot stop the creation of new fat cells.

KyBella in Plymouth, MI


Kybella is composed primarily of a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid. This is not a foreign substance. Your body naturally creates deoxycholic acid, and its primary purpose is to break down dietary fat. By injecting this synthetically formulated version into a targeted area, we are able to essentially speed up and enhance the break down of submental fat.

The result of this fat breakdown is a slimmer, more youthful-looking jawline. The procedure itself can be accomplished in about 15-20 minutes.

There is no strict recovery period for Kybella injections, though you may want to avoid strenuous exercise for the next couple of days. You should be able to return to work immediately. There may be some mild discomfort, bruising, redness and swelling from the injections, but these can usually be treated with an ice pack and some Tylenol. After your Kybella injection, we will provide you with individualized post-injection care instructions. It’s important, in order to protect the results of your treatment, that you follow those instructions as closely as possible.

It will probably take 2 to 6 treatments about 1 month apart in order for you to get your full, desired results. It also takes several weeks for the fat breakdown in your chin to begin showing noticeable effects. Optimal effects are usually achieved in roughly twelve weeks, though this can vary based on the desired results and individual variation in the patient’s body.


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