Aerolase NeoClear in Plymouth, MI

Aerolase®’s NeoClear is a new, safe, effective, and tolerable acne treatment that employs cutting-edge 650-microsecond technology to deliver clear skin. The NeoClear acne treatment targets the main causes of acne, including excessive sebum production, inflammation, and p. acnes bacteria. Many diverse therapies, medicines, or skincare choices are typically required to address these concerns; however, NeoClear can do it with a single device.

The NeoClear application procedure is 10-30 minutes long, depending on the degree of acne and size of the afflicted region (face, neck, chest, or whole body). NeoClear is completely non-invasive and very safe, with no known side effects. It’s also efficient and tolerable for all skin types, ages, and types of acne. In addition, treatment can be done without any skin cooling, anesthesia, or even physical contact with the skin.

Acne is an incendiary disease of the sebaceous glands and is typified by comedones – blackheads and whiteheads – that appear on the face, chest, and back.  Severe acne can include cysts and nodules that can cause scarring. Eighty percent of people worldwide that are 12 to 30 suffer from acne. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for acne, but with NeoClear by Aerolase®, you can move toward a better way to handle acne.

If you feel like there is nothing you can do for your acne, NeoClear uses exclusive laser technology to deliver powerful energy with no side effects.   Unique laser energy kills acne bacteria and reduces inflammation to control breakouts. A beneficial side effect of NeoClear? It triggers new collagen that helps to diminish acne scars. NeoClear will leave your skin looking healthy, clear, and amazing. If you have breakouts, NeoClear clears these breakouts by using laser energy directly on each visible acne lesion. Laser energy will reduce inflammation and promote quick healing.

After your treatments, make sure you follow a skincare regimen, including a face wash prescribed by your provider. Use sunscreen, moisturizer and keep your skin clean. Anything you can do to keep acne at bay, including diet, augments your laser treatments.

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