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At the start of your journey to optimal skin and aesthetic health, a consultation helps us understand and evaluate your goals and expectations.

The consultation is KEY to getting you the best possible results. Our team of experts will help you develop your unique treatment plan, and you play an active role in the process. We want you to make informed decisions you feel good about, so we provide as much education as possible.

A comprehensive facial assessment at every appointment helps us ensure your treatment plan remains a reflection of your goals.

There are several state-of-the-art tools we use to assess and track your results. The Vectra H2 Camera by Canfield Scientific, for example, allows us to capture 3D images of your face for an in-depth look at your aesthetic needs.

The Vectra camera can also analyze your skin health and let us know how it responds to treatments.

Consultation | Plymouth, MI - Detroit Aesthetics

To schedule a consultation with Detroit Aesthetics Co, please contact the office via text directly at (734) 294-6204.

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