Our goal at Detroit Aesthetics Company, formerly Enhance [Skin. Body. Wellness.], is to create a natural, original, and rejuvenated look for each client. No two treatment plans are ever the same. We carefully plan a treatment course with each individual client based on their goals and desired results.


Quality is the foundation of everything we do at Detroit Aesthetics Company. When looking at the quality we are not just concerned about proving high-quality patient care; we are also focused on making sure that every interaction we have with our clients is meaningful and of high quality. When you choose Detroit Aesthetics Company you have our commitment to you that quality will encompass every aspect of your treatment.


Aesthetic Medicine is the convergence of science/medicine, technology, and artistry. We are highly trained in many areas of aesthetic medicine. The learning process for us is continuous, and we make a commitment to stay well educated on the latest research, treatments, and clinical guidelines.

We understand no two patients are alike; this is where we use our artistically trained ability to work with patients to help them set achievable goals. Each patient is an entirely new experience for us and brings us the excitement of developing an individualized treatment course.


Last, but not least, is our promise that we are fully committed to you, our patient, and client. To us, those two words (patient/client) are synonymous. Once you have met with us, we have a vested interest in you. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with Detroit Aesthetics Company, we will work with you to make sure you are.

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